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Metal Screw-Shaped Hookah Bowl

$9.99 USD

👩‍🔧Introducing our innovative Metal Screw-shaped tool, designed to take your experience to the next level! 

Crafted with precision and care, this Metal Screw-shaped tool combines functionality with a unique aesthetic appeal.


  • 🔩 Superior Quality: Made from high-grade metal, this Metal Screw-Shaped tool is built to last. Say goodbye to flimsy bowls that crack or break easily.
  • 🌀 Innovative Design: The screw-shaped design not only looks sleek but also serves a practical purpose. It ensures optimal heat distribution, resulting in a more consistent and flavorful smoking experience.

  • 💨 Enhanced Airflow: Experience smoother draws and thicker clouds thanks to the precise airflow channels integrated into the design. Each puff will be as smooth as silk!
  • 🔥 Heat Management: Achieve perfect heat management with ease. The screw-tool allows for efficient heat transfer, preventing hot spots and ensuring even tobacco heating throughout your session.

  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning is a breeze! Simply rinse with water after use, and it's ready for your next session. Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing and soaking.
  • 💫 Elevate Your  Experience: Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, our Metal Screw-shaped tool promises to elevate your  experience to new heights. Add it to your collection today and enjoy the ultimate session every time!


  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 50g / 0.11lb
  • Size


  • 1 × Metal Screw-Shaped Hookah Bowl

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