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Vehicle early warning lidar flow speed detector

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The World's Most Accurate Police Scanner! Drive with complete peace of mind and never get surprised by police again!

EmergencyEar - Police Scanner

Forget spending $3,000-$10,000 on tickets, fines, and court cases! Now with EmergencyEar, anyone can enjoy driving with complete confidence knowing cops will never surprise you again…and it's 100% legal!


Drive with complete peace of mind

Alerts you when a cop is nearby

Compatible with every car model

99.4% accuracy

It’s The Law Enforcement Secret: Automatically Scans For Police Cars Within 1-Mile

The EmergencyEar police radar scanner has taken the driving world by storm!

Car enthusiasts and regular drivers agree: 

It’s the LEGAL way to avoid tickets, fines, and getting pulled over!

No more spending $1,000's on court fees, speeding tickets, or even getting pulled over. And without getting points added to your license and seeing your insurance go up.

It’s The 100% Legal Trick That Police Can't Do Anything About:

EmergencyEar works by scanning for police vehicles within 1-mile of your car, and alerts you when it picks up a cop. The light on the EmergencyEar flashes red and the device beeps, letting you know there's a police car close by.

99.4% accuracy within a 1-mile radius…


​Never get surprised by a cop again!

Drive with ease and peace of mind!

The EmergencyEar clearly alerts you when a police vehicle is within 1-mile of you so you're never surprised again!  

(Plus, it's completely legal and safe in every state except Virginia & Mississippi!) 

Ready To Drive Without Worry?

Police radar scanning technology has evolved over the last 35 years based on technological breakthroughs and new improvements to radar! 

NEVER get surprised on the road again ➞ Drive with peace of mind!

NEVER get another speeding ticket ➞ Save $1,000's on fines and court cases!

NEVER get points on your license ➞ No more headache with your license!

NEVER get pulled over again ➞ Keeps you safe from confrontations with cops!